Is the new management of Harrys taking the dining experience to new levels in Phuket?

Why is Phuket such a perfect holiday spot?

Phuket is undoubtedly a very popular holiday destination in Thailand because it guarantees a memorable vacation experience offering great accommodation for everyone’s taste and budget. On an Island like Phuket, services are mostly focused on the tourism industry as it offers a unique and wide variety of entertainment, pristine white sand, beautiful palm trees, and clear turquoise water. Apart from their beauty, these beaches offer a lot of activities that you can explore and enjoy.

Coming to Phuket for holiday, there are 2 basic needs that should fulfill. One is to sleep, and the other one is to eat. The purpose of a holiday on such place like Phuket is to release your mind off your daily grind. Elevate your mind from tiresome everyday responsibilities and to mollify perplexities. More or less forget the grey reality, forget all the must and for a very limited time that actually considered like a roller coast trip, enjoy and experience as much as possible Thai culture! Well, we have to put terms like rest and recharge into those to-do-things.

We all expect different things from our holiday.

Luckily, we are all different and we are definitely thinking differently. So, thank God this Island is full of differentials! Look at Patong. At one point you are walking on the beach road you hear the waves, sand under your feet, fresh fruits and all worlds nationalities are around you. The next moment you are walking in one of the most notorious and famous party streets in the world – Bangla Road. This street has everything for everyone, but mostly bars and nightclubs. Oppss! Let’s correct this, we mean to say many bars and nightclubs. Here you can find one of the top 100 nightclubs like Illuzion, White-room with Scandinavian touch, and many other smaller bars. These bars are open from noon to late night.

But let us continue! After you have walk through the street of Bangla, you are now heading to two major shopping center in Patong – the Jungceylon and the new Central. You can easily spend a whole day here because they also have cinema, playground for children and so much more.

Great! Now you have done the beach, walked the Bangla road and just eat some fresh fruits and sweet donuts, what’s next? If you continue with the direction away from the beach, you will come to a street called Nanai Road. Here is one of the pulse streets for Thai locals. Of course, many restaurants for both locals and tourist. But here starts the regular life for many locals. Even if they are long staying holiday or retirement expatriate.

But what makes it more amazing is that everything that is mentioned here is just outside Harrys! When you exit our hotel, you have just 50 meters to the beach. one of benefits we are very proud to present to each of our guests. We are in the heart of Patong. Not only that, if you just want to explore the nearby surroundings like Kamala, Karon/ Kata, and other neighboring beaches, ask our staff so they can connect you with the good taxis.

The new management.

Harrys have been a second home and a meeting place for many tourists over the 19 years it has been operating. So long that now it’s time to bring in some new eyes for some new ideas and some new objectives. In the beginning of 2020, here comes the new management coming with all the new ideas of innovation to put Harrys to the next level! Well, the new management is not completely new, it’s more like an addition to the current one.

One thing that everyone has agreed to, is to do a general make over. Here comes the total renovation of Harrys! The only thing basically that is still intact from before is the floor, the rest is new, everything is new, new walls, new tables, new kitchen machines, new dishes, and new innovative menus.

All the interior has been replaced with new designs and fresh smart solutions focusing on every details. Boom! the place is stunning! The atmosphere is like a fine dining club / lounge and at the same time there is a pulse of a sports bar. Combine it all together and you get a winning concept!

The food is one of the best in Patong.

Harrys with its new management implemented the new innovation of food. Here is what exactly you will experience with the new Harrys Restaurant in Patong.

An all-day gourmet breakfast you’ll find nowhere else on the island will be served. From lunch, our fire grilled burgers ought to satisfy that smokey bite you’ve been craving for all week, and not to mention our 48 hours Cold Proofed Pinsas (Roman Pizza) available in traditional flavors using only authentic cold cuts and cheeses.

Dinner is where it gets interesting as our Chef plays around with traditional flavor profiles combined with new techniques in cooking. Innovation at its best, our meat and seafood are all prepared in sous vide guaranteed to lock in aromatics, flavor, texture, and freshness. We cook these under very specific temperatures to create that unmatched quality we strive every day to achieve.

I can tell that all dishes have met a definable gastronomic whole scope with a twist that extends the whole experience to the extreme without being exaggerated and that is not only cooking, that is art!

Celebration & Events

Whether it’s a birthday party, a meeting or just a pop-up schedule, Harrys will provide you everything you will need for your special/private events.

Harrys Cocktail Party

A party that can never go wrong!

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