Is the new management of Harrys taking the dining experience to new levels in Phuket?

Why is Phuket such a perfect holiday spot?

On a Island like Phuket, there the focus is mostly on the tourist there is of course a lot of services that is only focus on the tourism industry.  With that said, there is of course a very wide experience and also variety of services. When you are on holiday, there is 2 basic needs that should fulfill. One is to sleep and one is to eat. The purpose of a holiday on such place like Phuket is to more or less forget the grey reality, forget all the must and for a very limited time, that actually is to be consider like a roller coast trip, do us much and experience as much as possible. Well we have to put terms like rest and recharge into those to-do-things.

We all expect different things from our holiday.

We are luckily all different and we are definitely thinking different so thank god this Island is full of differentials, Look at Patong. At one point you are walking on the beach road and you hear the waves, sand under your feet, fresh fruits and all worlds nationalities are around you. Next moment you are walking in one of the most notorious and famous party streets even existed. Bangla Road. This street has everything for everyone, but mostly bars and nightclubs. Lets us correct this. Many bars and nightclubs. Here you can find one of the top 100 nightclubs like Illuzion. White-room with it Scandinavian touch, and many smaller bars, so called “1-unit” bars.
The name is from the size of the bar area; some bars are 2 units big but most are 1 unit. The size of the unit is depending on where on the street you are.  Many bars are open from noon to late night.
But let us continue! After you have walk through the street of Bangla You have to major options. They are both 2 shopping malls, the one closest to Bangla is the new Central shopping mall and opposite the street you have the traditional Young Ceylon.
You can easily spend a whole day here because they also have cinema, playground for children and so much more.

OK, now you have done the beach, walked the Bangla road and just eat some fresh donuts, what’s next? If you continue on the direction away from the beach, then you will come to a street called Nanai. Here is one of the pulse streets for Thai locals. Of course many restaurants for both locals and tourist. But here starts regular life for many locals. Even if there are long stay holiday or retirement expats.

The amazing with all of this. It that its just outside our hotels! When you exit our hotel, you have just 50 meters to the beach. It is actually one of our benefits. We are in the heart of Patong. But of course, if you just want to explore the surroundings nearby like Kamala or Karon/ Kata, ask our staff so they can connect you with the good taxis.

The new management.



Harrys have been a second home and a meeting place for many tourist over the 19 years it has been operated.  With that said sometimes its good to take in some new eyes, some new ideas and some objective thinking and that is what just happened in the beginning of 2020. Well the new management is not completely new, its more like an addition to the current one.

The one thing that everyone was agreeing to, is that its time to do a make over.  The only thing basically that is intact from before is the floor, the rest is new, everything is new, new walls, new table, new kitchen machines

New dishes, new tables. All the interior has been replaced to new designed and fresh smart solutions with focus on the details.  And if you ask me, the place is stunning! The atmosphere is like a dining club / lounge and at the same time there is a pulse of a sport bar.  Combine it all together and you get a wining concept.

The food is one of the best in Patong

What more is new in Harrys is the food. Let’s spend some time and talk about the dining experience that you will have on the new Harrys Restaurant in Patong.

Actually the food wasn’t bad before, just kind of outdated. And as many restaurants that try to serve so much various dishes. Everything between tacos to American pancakes so after a while its more about quantity rather than quality.

This have changed now, If you look at the menu [link[ now then you will very soon realize that this is damn good!

At least you will see how well thought out everything is on the menu to take an advantage over the narrow but yet so exiting flavor mixes that are in front of you.

I can tell that all dishes have a definable gastronomic whole scope with a twist that extends the whole experience to the extreme without being exaggerated and that is not only cooking, that is art!

There needs to be some special ingredients to achieve that of course. One is fresh food. The supply chain for the restaurant can be elaborated but justifying in every part because of the results.  It takes great plan to get all the ingredients to the spot and in nearly same time.

To sum up on that, there is only one way to get more fresh fish for the sushi, and that is to go 50 meters to the Patong beach and fish it by self.

The American Beef  Vs the Australian.

People are more and more aware about what they eat. That is very good and on the other hand because that awareness, the demand of high quality beef has rise in Phuket.  Restaurants like Loy Lom in Tri Trang beach next to Patong had their glimpse with Dry Aged Wagyu and Japanese Beef and I have to say, its special when you do it right and for real. We at Harrys are serving American beef.

The concept here is to push the boundaries furthermore. There are Australian stakes everywhere on this island. Even in the local supermarkets there are a great variety of tenderloins, filets, rib eyes and you name it.

But is that good? Well, its not bad and the taste on a regular beef steak is there. But is it worth it? Now we are talking. We are now entering the sphere about value.Do you think someone that owns a Picasso painting feels the value every time he goes by the painting? Yes, he does and that is the value. Unfortunately, he can not taste the painting. That would be very stupid. On other hand the value sustains over time.

When you come in to our restaurant, and you make an active choice from the menu, already at that given point you have a valued experience in front of you. You are already feeling excitement over what to come. And think about it, what you feel at that moment is the value. Of course the goal is to take that value and let that meet the expectations and the moment the food will meet your mouth.

Now let’s talk about the consumption. Because its probably here the chef is looking at you without you knowing it and want to see your reaction.  We at Harrys have already build up an expectation for you with a great value, its our mission to fulfill that promise all the way.

Hi There. I just want you to know that you can always reach out to us and we, as a team,  will make our best to help you.

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